Songweavers Hope - Making Music for a Good Cause - the Charity Branch of
produced by
Ernest Samuel Llime
of WATS Productions
published by WATS/BMI
In 2006 H. E. Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate heard about our budding site and he immediately realized that we are in an ideal position to help promote World Peace. He penned a poem named "Ray of Hope" which he donated to Songweavers. Our members have taken this poem, translated it into many languages and put it to music creating over 100 different versions of this simple yet moving poem.
Ray of Hope IV - Track List
01. Sonja Perenda - Austria - Voice for Peace
      singer: Sonja Perenda composer: Anders Ringman
      lyricist: Sonja Perenda + Anders Ringman
02. Chris Johnson - USA - singer/composer
03. Mudassar Zaman - Pakistan - singer/composer
04. Mike Trisan USA - singer/composer
05. Clinark - Bermuda / USA - singer/composer
06. Tobiah - UK - singer/composer
07. Kテカkテゥnylovas - Hungary - singer/composer
08. Sharon Osser - India - singer
       composers: Sharon Osser + Honey Satamkar
09. Jon Viktor Corpuz - Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines
      singer - composer: Maria Chan
10. Ginger Reed - USA - singer/composer
11. Yasya - Ukraine - singer - composer: David Csordas
12. Anna Tvrznテュkovテ。 Melenovテ。 / Josef Melen
      Czech Republic - singers/composers
13. Chico Perreira - Brazil - singer/composer
14. De Andre / Mohamed Abubakri / Yousef Fageer
      Sudan - singers - composer: De Andre
15. Sasha Kemsy - Serbia - singer/composer
16. Svetlana Kushnerova - Germany - singer
      composers Jurgen Kempel / Samuel Cohen
17. Michael Warner + Children Australia - singer/composer
      Children: Merryn Cuff, Abbey Cripps, Declann Aiton,
      Lily Nicolson, Jason Song, Blake Roles, Charlotte Baker
      Jessie Martin, Robbie Grant

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