Songweavers Hope - Making Music for a Good Cause - the Charity Branch of
produced by
Chris Johnson
of Falling Walls Productions
published by WATS/BMI
'After the Rain' is a project initiated by Barbara Nelson Stone. The idea was to have artists put their on spin on a tune by Barbara. 20 of those were chosen for this CD - the proceeds will go to charity.
After the Rain - Track List
01. After The Rain - Instrumental-Barbara Nelson Stone
02. Cries for Peace - Amy Barbera
03. Dancing in the Summer - Iain Fitzpatrick (Super)
04. You Are The World - Sofiya Fedyna
05. What If - Chris Johnson & Jurgen Kempel/The Opposition
06. My Angel - Orly Vardy
07. Yulia - Savali
08. Hope - Marina V. Verenikina
09. Someone Else`s Fool - Craig Strang
10. I'm Still In Love With You - Denny Marini
11. Cyber Love - Vlad Yarovinsky
12. Peace My Friend - Singer: Dick Hayes
13. Fighting the Ghosts - Paul J. Deegan
14. It's Not The End -  Omri Lahav
15. Hallelujah - Haim Ben Haim & Nathalie Levi
16. In An Instant - artist: Andrzej Bragun
17. Sending All My Love (A Wedding Song) - Eric Severson
18. Ways, Ways of Love - Sivan Bostrom
19. Miss you/Moja Mila - Stanislav Sasha Kemsy
20. Can You Hear the Rain? - Christopher W Herbert

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