Songweavers Hope - Making Music for a Good Cause - the Charity Branch of
produced by
Ernest Samuel llime
of WATS Productions
published by WATS/BMI
This CD is produced in honor of Norman Borlaug... Nobel Laureate, and "feeder of the world" The artists represented on this CD are glad that they can strike a small blow against world hunger, and would like to remind each and everyone that no matter how small an effort you make, if you manage to feed one starving person you are to be commended. It is an honor to be featured on a CD that honors a luminary of the caliber of Norman Ernest Borlaug.
Fighting World Hunger - Track List
01. Children of the World - Will Freed
02. Children's Laughter - Al Kreko + Rig
03. Rain from Your Eyes - Julia Kretsch
04. Claim to the World - RBR
05. Magic Key - Shirley Higton
06. All Man Is One Man - Paul Marks
07. Express To Childhood - Leo Waygen
08. Woman With No Name - Sonja Perenda + Rig
09. A Mother's Love - Peter Love
10. Eclipse - Jon Sorensen
11. Goodbye - Natty Miller + Rig
12. Lives - The Opposition
13. Tear Down the Distance - Paul Deegan
14. Hate Or Love - Burak Uckun + Demet Tuncer
15. Sending Out a Message of Love - Peter Waters
16. The Hunger Hop - Ernie Llime
17. Rain in Somalia - Richard H. Bright + Pierre Guerin
18. You Can - Ofer Golani
19. Angels Come, I See the Light (Radio Edit) - Ashley Ouderkirk
20. Change the world (2007) - Louis Noel
21. My Paradise - Keahi Conjugacion

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