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In 2006 H. E. Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate heard about our budding site and he immediately realized that we are in an ideal position to help promote World Peace. He penned a poem named "Ray of Hope" which he donated to Songweavers.
Our members have taken this poem, translated it into many languages and put it to music creating over 100 different versions of this simple yet moving poem.
Ray of Hope

Oh my lord, it’s time to pray
When the new sun shines, let’s make hay
So save my land from desert’s stay
Call the oceans, salt to melt away

And bless streams with love’s sway
Provide my foe and friend a bloodless day
Invite boys and girls for peace to pray, O Ye
Then send a ray of hope for a new way

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INTL. Copyright © 2006 Shimon Peres. All Rights Reserved.

Beta Israel

The president has honored Songweavers with another poem. This one is addressing the plight of the Ethiopian Jews. After traveling a long and very winding road, the majority of them have made to the promised land of Israel. Sadly, their community is encountering many problems in their new land, not the least of which is discrimination.
The new poem
Beta Israel, is shining a light on this particular issue - villainy, bigotry and misery tend to shy away from light and education thriving in darkness and ignorance. Let us join in this task and raise our voices in song!
Here is a facsimile of the original:

Please feel free to write and record your own music to it. This permission is granted with the understanding the Songweavers retains the right to use the works created and/or inspired by this poem. The composer/s is likewise granted permission to use their composition as they see fit as long as their intention is to support the poem's motif. Copyright to the poem remains in the hands of Shimon Peres and attribution has to be made to in all cases 

INTL. Copyright © 2012 Shimon Peres. All Rights Reserved.